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Thanks for your interest in volunteering! Below are the different positions we are currently looking for:



Starting June 29th, these will be every Saturday, with rare exceptions. 

  • Volunteers would need to be here from 10:30a to 2:30p and must plan on being here the entire day. 

  • Volunteers must be 16 and older. 

  • Jr. Volunteers will be considered (ages 12-15) but must be accompanied by a volunteer parent or guardian the entire time.

 There are several positions available all of which will be assigned the day of the event:

    • Parking Monitor (direct people where to park)

    • Check-in/Ticket sales (Check-in prepaid guests, sell tickets to walk-ins, have ROL signed by all guests.

    • Event tables (crafts, games, merchandise booth, etc)

    • Animal docent (make sure the animals are treated kindly, share their stories, etc.) We currently have goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, ducks, chickens, and turkeys looking for their docent. Preference will be given to those who can volunteer on a very regular basis before others.

    • Gatekeepers and Groundskeepers (Keep the amount of people in any yard to a minimum, go over guidelines with guests, make sure animals don't get out, etc.)

    • And more (It really just depends on where we need you most!)


BARNYARD BUDDY (currently only on Fridays)

We are looking for a few individuals who can come do some cleanup and love on the animals from 9-11am on Fridays. For this position we are looking for volunteers who can commit to being here weekly with the very rare exception.


Love Always is a vegan sanctuary meaning we do not support animals being eaten or used for their byproducts (milk, eggs, wool, fur, leather, etc), or forced into sports, entertainment, etc. We advocate for the animals by sharing information about a vegan lifestyle, the sad truths about the commercial industries and more. However, we NEVER want to make someone feel bad about their current choices (we strongly believe this turns people away from, not toward, veganism). Love Always believes in being kind to ALL kinds (including the human kind) and leading by example not force.
You do not need to be vegan to volunteer, but we do ask that you respect that we are a vegan sanctuary and teach and share what and how we ask while here.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer family, please email our volunteer coordinator.

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